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May 2023 - Opening an infinity pool with the most beutiful view in pelion


The new Moses Villa is located in the peninsula of Pelion, Chorefto Zagora, about 4 minute drive from the bustling beach of Chorefto and a 10 minute drive from the center of Zagora village.

Its unique location offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the beaches of the Aegean Sea as well as the mountains of Pelion.

Moses Villa was built with love and harmony while paying attention to the nature surrounding it. The Villa is built on private and secluded land of 3 hectares, which is surrounded by an impressive olive grove that provides a magical and unique atmosphere. Available to the guests of the Villa is an admirable and well-maintained garden, an infinity pool, a barbecue area, a seating area situated amongst the olive trees, and a play area for the children.

Moses Villa consists of 4 private vacationing apartments, each one of which has a large balcony covered

by a pergola that looks out to a magnificent and breathtaking view.

Each apartment in the Villa is individually stocked for an ideal stay for families and couple alike.

5% discount for reservations directly from the website
talk with us if you d'ont find available dates!

It's time to start your dream vacation

Moses Villa

Built in 2017 as a factor in the fulfillment of a dream shared by a pair of siblings. That dream was to built a place of accomodation like no other in the area that on one side would kiss the shore of Chorefto’s beach, and on the other will be different and distinctive with its local view.

A place that would give its visitors the opportunity to just disconnect from the world and breathe! To enjoy privacy and at the same time remain intact.

The Villa, which is divided into 4 apartments, is built in a way that each apartment is individual, and thus protects the privacy of those who are staying there. The apartments are stocked optimally!

Moses Villa is ideal for a group of a few families who are travelling together!

We recommend to stay at the Villa at least four days in order to fully experience and enjoy the area.

About Pelion

The peninsula of Pelion combines hidden beaches of lustrous golden beaches and pristine, turquoise waters, splendid hiking trails, wild flora and fauna, traditional villages, and cuisine based on the rich, local produce.

Pelion contains a wide variety of attractions: horseback riding, bicycle trails fitting for different levels, climbing, scuba diving, sailing, kayaking, rafting, winter skiing, culinary classes, and more.


The main and most famous coastal town in Pelion.

Scattered along the boardwalk situated on the edge of a white sandy beach and at the edge of a clear sea are a variety of taverns and coffee shops.

Villa Moses is situated approximately 4 minute drive from Chorefto.


One of the better-known and most picturesque villages in Pelion, situated 45 kilometers north-east from the city of Volos. In the village, one can find restaurants, stores, medical services, a pharmacy, a convenience store, taverns, and more.

The village is definitely noteworthy and a necessary stop for those who wish to experience the real Greek experience!

Moses Villa is an approximated 10 minutes’ drive away from Zagora.

check with us ... 

  • Transportation to and from the airport.

  • Massages that come to you.

  • Stocking the refrigerator with groceries.

  • Help planning your vacation.

  • Possibilities to rent out the Villa as a whole for subject groups.

  • Recommendations and more...

Come and embrace our breathtaking views and enjoy Moses's luxurious villa

opening hours:

Super Market at Chorefto:

  • Zagorin Market: It is opened July-August

  • from 07:00-21:00

  • Xorefto Market: Opened from May- October from 08:00-00:00

Super Market at Zagora:

May-June, September-October:

07:00-14:00 & 17:30-20:30

July-August: 07:00-14:00 & 17:30-21:00

Bucher at Zagora:

08:00-14:00 & 17:30-21:00

Banks on Pelion:

  • Eurobank in Tsagarada: ATM

  • Piraeus Bank in Tsagarada: ATM

  • Emporiki Bank in Portaria: +30 24280 99946

  • Piraeus Bank in Zagora: +30 24260 22500 | ATM

Pelion – Emergency Services:

  • Police: +30 24260 49222

  • Tourist Police: +30 24210 76987

  • Fire Brigade: +30 199

Petrol Stations:

  • Mouresi: +30 24260 49557

  • Anilio: +30 24260 31290

  • Xourichti: +30 24260 49579

  • Zagora

Clinic at Zagora:

Open always 24/7

Pharmacy at Zagora:

Weekdays 08:00-14:00 & 17:30-20:30

Saturday-Sunday: one of the two pharmacies is on duty each time and the timetable is not fixed....

Hospitals –  Local Community Clinics:

  • General Hospital of Volos: +30 24210 94200-20

  • Health Centre of Zagora: +30 24260 22222

let's be friends

For updates, sales, and recommendations, go to Moses Villa’s homepage.

time to travel

Come discover the magic of Pelion attractions, activities, and trips.

for you

We’ll be glad to pamper you

 The enchanting view from the Villa overlooking Chorefto Gulf and the Aegean Sea

Let's go to the beach

Sun, Sea, and Fun

There’s nothing like the beaches of Pelion. Clear water with pristine white beaches. Hidden ravines and small lagoons.

The ideal location of Moses Villa enables you to tour and discover the beach of your dreams. Each one and their dream…

So come and we’ll find the beaches that we recommend you visit while staying with us:

Mylopotamos Beach

Mylopotamos is one of the most prominent beaches in Greece. It consists of two beaches separated by a large rock with a passageway in it. There is a cafe on the beach, and we recommend taking your time - sitting down for a moment, taking in a deep breath, and enjoying the wonderful view.

Arrival is by car until an organized parking lot, and from there walking down to the beach.

Chorefto Beach

Moses Villa is located 4 minute drive from Chorefto Beach - This stretch of beach is known for its coffee shops and Greek taverns. The beach is clean and peaceful, and contains all that is required for dipping and relaxing.

If coming with children, we recommend collecting pebbles and enjoying an afternoon of drawing and crafts on the smooth stones.

We can tell you from experience: the children love it!

Plaka Beach

Plaka Beach is located near the village of Agios Ioannis and is one of the most stunning and beautiful beaches in the peninsula of Pelion.

Take the time to come and enjoy the peace and beauty...

Papa Nero Beach

A quiet and charming beach near the village of Agios Ioannis in the eastern part of Pelion. The majority of the beach is sandy with a smattering of pebbles, and the water is clear turquoise all along the shoreline. It, too, contains taverns and stores.

Mildly busy during tourist season.

Agia Saranda Beach

One of the most recommended beaches in Pelion, a short drive’s distance away from the Villa. Located under Zagora, between Chorefto and Agios Ioannis. A spectacular sandy beach with crystal waters, pine trees, and a Greek tavern. Reclining chairs for sunbathing and parasols line the beach.

May be slightly busy during the summer months, so it’s recommended to arrive early…

 – An amazing website, panoramic video from a helicopter of the local beaches of Pelion

Wish you were here


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