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The Peninsula of Pelion…

The peninsula of Pelion combines hidden beaches of golden sand and crystal-clear, turquoise water, spectacular walking trails, traditional villages, and culinary cooking based on rich, local produce. It is so beautiful and pastoral that according to Greek mythology, Pelion was chosen by the gods as their place of residence in the summer.

Pelion has a rich variety of attractions - horseback riding, bicycle trails at different difficulty levels, climbing, scuba diving, boat rides, kayaking, rafting, winter skiing, culinary cooking classes, and more. It is also possible to sail from the area to the nearby islands of Skiathos, Skopelos, and Alonissos…

The peninsula of Pelion is a magical place

which is recommended to stay in at least four full days…

Let's start our journey

The tourism in Pelion varies with the seasons…



The summer season begins in June and lasts until October; during this season it is recommended to arrive at the area for a vacation combining beaches and nature excursions. The weather is sunny and pleasant. Unlike most parts of Greece, summertime in Pelion is not characterized by extreme heat. It is also recommended to bring some warm clothing.


In the winter months, the peninsula of Pelion is covered by snow, which turns the landscape and the experience and the truly unique. In this season it is recommended to visit the popular ski resort Agrio Lefkes, located 40 minutes away by car from Moses Villa. This ski resort is favoured by the Greeks and in winter you can enjoy European winter tourism with Greek fragrance!

Autumn & Spring

During the transitional season the peninsula is decorated in spectacular colors of blooming. During this time period various festivals and celebrations are held by the residents of the region.

The unique climatic features of the region grant it the charm and color that do not exist in any other part of Greece. A mixture of the Mediterranean Sea with spectacular European landscapes and vegetation, combined with original Greek tradition.

It is highly recommended to visit the area and discover its charms in autumn and spring; the breathtaking views, the spectacular blooming, and the peak authenticity.

Festivals and Cultural Events

in Pelion

Pelion is an area jealously guards local customs and culture. These customs are preserved in many festivals and celebrations around the year.

23rd of April - The holiday of Agios Georgios; a religious holiday where locals go to the village square, dance traditional dances, and eat a local dish called pligouri.

15th to 29th of August - Holidays in most of the villages in Pelion… the most popular are in Vizitsa, Agios Lavrentios.

The Tsipouro Festival is in June. The village Kategori, close to the portaria, celebrates the local drink festival, Tsipouro. People dance traditional dances in the village square, and of course, Tsipouro is free.

Cherry festival organized in Agios Lavrentios, usually during the third week of June, with traditional music and dancing in the village square.

Lehonitika Festival - A popular festival which takes place during the first week of July. The festival consists of markets, flower displays, musical concerts, and theatre displays.

Apple Festival - During the first week of September, there is an apple festival in Zagora, a village where apple products are rich.

Meet the local culture

The Village Tsagarada

The village is famous for the oldest and largest log tree in Greece (the village elders claim the tree is more than 1500 years old). It is recommended to sit in one of the cafés of the village, visit the small local church, and go down the stairs from the village square to the spring flowing down.

It is worthwhile to spend half or a whole day visiting the Triangle of the Villages of Tsagarada, Mylopotamos and Damouchari, which are not far from one another, where a winding and slow road connects them by a green forest with water.

The Village Damouchari

An enchanting fishing village with a natural harbour, located in a miniature picturesque bay with turquoise water on the eastern side of the peninsula of Pelion. The village is famous for being a  filming site of the movie ‘Mamma Mia!’. The famous location, the clear water of the bay, and the pleasant taverns which overlook the fisherman’s port make this picturesque location popular.

The location also has the benefit of giving the delightful opportunity of going kayaking.

Makrinitsa and Portaria

The famous traditional villages of Pelion are located uphill on a short drive from the city of Volos in the western part of the Pelion Peninsula. The villages overlook the city and the spectacular Bay of Pagasticos. It is recommended to wander through the alleys of the villages and on the main street between the small shops, the taverns and the churches. It is especially recommended to arrive in the afternoon to see the amazing sunset and the wonderful view of the bay.

A beautiful walking path from Tsagarada to the Gulf of Dhuhamri

Distance - 4 km / walk time - 2-3 hours / suitable for all ages.

Begin your trek from the village Tsagarada on the main road over the village and descend to the main square, beside which there is a tavern and a boutique hotel. Look for the signs and the path that runs through the village towards the cliff and then curves steeply up to the stunning bay of Deshore. The road is mostly unmarked and features a steep descent.

Highly recommended!

The main road between the village of Mursi and Kissos has an area containing small waterfalls that spill into a large pool under the road bridge. The falls are located at a bend in the road, about 500m south of Kissos (they appear in Google Maps as “Καταρράκτες K Katarráktes”). There is a parking lot about 50m north of the curve where it is convenient to park your car. Definitely a place worth stopping at along the road.

See you soon

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