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It is time to explore and sense Pelion

Riding in the Mountains

Riding trails for all skill levels. Suitable for both families and professionals throughout the stunning landscapes of Pelion.

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Boat Rides

A boat ride to the famous sea caverns, includes swimming. It is possible to combine a trek.

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Horseback Riding

Horseback riding tours in the mountains of Pelion. Suitable for families. Different routes for accomodation and skill.


Guided walks, suitable for all levels. Get to know beautiful hidden areas.


A fun kayak cruise along the beaches of Pelion. Easy and suitable for everyone.

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An amazing abseiling experience in natural waterfalls and pools. Suitable for both beginners and professionals.

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Rafting experiences in a local river.

Suitable for families.

Cooking Lessons

Learn how to cook traditional local recipes. An experience suitable for everyone.

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Aren't you hungry now? let's go to eat 

You’re invited to have a taste from the traditional Greek palette

In the village of Zagora

Niki or Meintani - local tavern, home-cooked food

O Patis - a local tavern

Tempelchanio - appetizers and tsipouro (local drink)

At Chorefto beach

Sevach - a tavern serving fish and tsipouro

To Kyma - a local tavern

Petros - a tavern on the beach

In the village of Pauri

Polydroso - tavern and coffee

Makis - tavern for food and grilled meat

At Analipsi beach

Plymari - tavern on the beach

In the village of Anilio

H Plateia - local tavern, home-cooked food

On Mylopotamos beach

Aggelika - a tavern serving meat and fish

In the city of Volos

Svolos - a restaurant

Taki Oikonomaki 68 str.

Mouseio-Eklektopoieio - pizza, hamburger etc.

To filarakis - appetizers and tsipouro (local drink). Krokiou 54 str.

Sail sail away...

Sailing to the nearby islands

It is recommended to take a cruise from the Volos port to one of the nearby islands, which are: Skiathos, Skopelos, and Alonissos. To check the schedules of cruises from the port of Volos click here. There is no need to purchase sailing tickets in advance. The duration of the voyage to Skopelos is approximately 3 and a half hours by ferry and two and a half hours by car.

The ferry stops at Skiathos, the closest island to Pelion, before continuing to Skopelos and Alonissos, before finally returning to Volos in Pelion.

Skiathos is the most popular and cosmopolitan island. It has an international airport, and charter flights arrive daily from European countries during the summer months. Skiathos has more than 60 beaches including the famous beaches of Coconaris and Banana Beach. This is a place suitable for tourists who are looking for interactions with urban places and not just travelling to places where there are few people. The central city has a lively nightlife, and a variety of taverns and restaurants that serve Italian, Chinese, and more.

Skopelos is a very green and mountainous island. It has several beautiful beaches with turquoise water, and many hiking trails. The main town on the island is very authentic and built in a traditional architectural style. One of the town’s most recognizable features is the 120+ tiny churches painted in white and located on almost every street.

Alonissos is the most remote and least populated island. There are places where there is still no electricity and running water, and of course, many isolated and magical beaches. From the island, you can take a short cruise to a marine nature reserve where you can see rare animals, including a special breed of seal. This island is especially fitting for nature lovers, and for those looking for more quiet places.

We’ll be happy to recommend activities
in order to create a perfect and magical vacation experience!

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